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Google Movie Search Try Now | Blogoware 

The Google had launched impressive movie search feature for mobile and pc users. Nice improvement are introduced in the latest version of Google Movie Search.

The Movie Search, when opened, automatically locate you and list the movie running nearby. Not only movie list but also IMDB rating, viewers rating, movie plot, trailer, views review and much more.

Wordpress and Blogger Templates Free | Blogoware, in general provide most elegant themes for wide range of bloggers. Yet, customizing the theme gives wonderful experience with support of Wordpress services. I am sharing some of the good resources that provide huge range of custom templates and theme to give most elegant and beautiful look to your blog. My resource are for both blogger (blogspot)  & Wordpress lover. 

Hans Rosling : Data is No More Boring | BLOGOWARE
Hans Rosling, a doctor and researcher, well famed speaker invited at
TED to speak about how Asia is changing. In the conference, Rosling talked about the statics of social and economic rise in Asia in last 20 years. But the question comes pops in mind, Why should I listen to a statistician who play with boring statistics and data analysis ? But trust me, his presentation will  leave you agape.

Buy Cheap Space at Amazon : Your Internet HardDisk | Blogoware more need of carrying data in flash drive or portable hard disk. Cloud computing concept can be used to keep your data alive and ubiquitous. Now you can use internet as your data-drive and retrieve files from it, like we do in our personal compute. Amazon, had introduced Simple Storage Services(S3) which  provides low cost web-storage for file management, data backup on web-space. In other words, it is an internet hard-disk  for easy to store and retrieve data  files  with dirt cheap value . The cost is as low as 1 dollar for 2GB of space/Month (Rs 50 for 2GB of space available for 1 month).

Pranav Mistry : 6th Sence Technologist made it to TED INDIA | Blogoware

Pranav Mistry an young boy from Gujrat, India and now an MIT Graduate and co-inventor of MIT-LAB's  6th sense technology. No wonder the question pops in mind, what exactly is the 6th Sense. Pranav, in his presentation as states that all information that we gather around usually comes through the senses we have. The 5 senses given to us by nature, human made creation (Computer + Internet) gives outstanding information beyond our manual limits. Pranav had made awe-inspiring effort to merge the world information to our mundane life by turning information into wearables.                                          

Exteraordinary People : 7 Year old Surgeon | Blogoware

The giftedness of prodigies makes everyone stunned. In India people being religious always connect prodigies as innate divine power or incarnation of God. But a mystery, a logic or a connection always encompass the child prodigies.Akrit Jaiswal, A 7 years old medical surgeon is clammed to be youngest surgeon on earth and the boy with highest IQ more than Einstein. India, had got one more child prodigy after the renowned prodigies like Tathagat Tulsi Avtar and  Divya Tej

Speed up Torrent Download | Blogoware
Torrent is the most popular mode of file sharing. Torrent are extremely useful tool for downloading and uploading the data. Many popular sites are offering free torrents to download  but most of  us complain about the download speed. Interestingly,  a common internet user do not care about the seeds and leechers while downloading the stuffs. If proper care taken while selecting healthy torrents, we can download with greater speed than ever.

Find Any EBook : Top 4 Websites to Download | Blogoware

Ebook are gaining more popularity these days, Many readers prefer downloading ebooks rather than buying textbook. Some website offer paid version of book licensed under reader's name while other give free ebooks to download. Searching for free ebooks has always been a tedious job, may be ,because of lack on knowledge of proper resource. 

With my experience, I am sharing the top 5 best possible sources to download ebooks. I hope this would be helpful to readers to find their ebooks. I believe sharing on file resource proved to be more worth than dedicated websites.


Listen Online Music : Great Resources | Blogoware

Latest music, with a cup of coffee is a great combination ever. Getting latest songs, keeping ourself update and informed about latest releases is always been a tedious job. But no more, now numerous websites available in market offering great collection of music and supporting player to play online songs and radio free of cost. Yes, not a single penny to be paid. Get the latest updates of movies and review and sync yourself with, what the world is listening now. I am adding few resource which will reduce your hassle of updating and offer you best collection of music ever : Music Player/ Radio  


The Lala Music Player (partner
Requires a simple login (less than 3 secs) and get the best collection of songs, wonderful quality and great tool to embed and share on sources like blogger, twitter or FaceBook.

Google Chrome Operating System Source Code is Released | Blogoware

Today, at Mountain View California , at Chrome OS event. Google Officially opened Chrome Operating System project and unveiled the Google Chrome-Operating system. The Washington Post  and TechCrunch is giving live stream of the event from GooglePlex, CA.


Google Book Viewer : How to play with it.

Do you need a book viewer tool for your blog/website. With Google Book API (tool) it is easy to add your favorite book in frame for your blog. You can change few lines of code and add any available (Permitted) book at Google Book Search.

I am adding a book snipplet here for the demo.

Two States : Chetan Bhagat's forth Novel | Blogoware Bhagat launched his new novel Two-States few week before. Two-States is story of a couple, a boy from punjab and a girl from south india , who struggles and fight for the survival  of their love. Critics, quotes that novel sounds like film script. While Chetan Bhagat claim this book as  narrative of yet another day to day inter-community wedding with its sheriff clashes  and the boy and girl attempts to convince both  families. This novel is about his personal life love marriage and struggle he made so far.

GO : A new programming language by Google | Blogoware

Google states that, the system programming has became too complex with the existing programming languages like python, C++, Java. As a result, the programmers has to choose among speed of execution, efficient compilation or ease of programming language. Google decided to launch a fresh programming language called "GO". Just starting with two words of company name Google.

Texas State University : Celebrates Diwali | Blogoware

Diwali as the name depicts , the glory of light it had bought to Indian community of students at Texas State University. Last Saturday, India Student Association has celebrated Diwali festival on the Texas State University-San Marcos campus at Alekek Theater. The event was big success, supported by dance performance by group of Indian students and awe-inspiring delicious cuisines. The bollywood dance moves by performers left the crowd agape.

Professional Templates for Websites : Try Google Sites

Google sites is a web-site hosting service  offered by Google. At Google Sites ,we can create websites in  a few set of clicks without needing any knowledge of HTML  (look video for more features). The Google Site offer, prepared and customizable templates to instantly design webpages. Some interesting features like Gadget support and Adsence (money making- advertisement hosting) gives freedom to earn and  ornate the web-page in parallel.

Google Street View: Honolulu Island outstanding clarity.

The Hawai Beach has always been most exiting place to go for. Now we can enjoy HD quality pictures with Street view. Amazingly, the quality and flexibility in the map left me agape. Look at the API based experiments going on with Google Map where people embedding the sensors on bike and roaming virtually yet in real time on screen at Google Map. 

3 Idiots - Partially Inspired by Chetan Bhagat's Novel

Aamir khan's most anticipated movie of the year 3-Idiots is on its way to the launch on December-25. The good news for Indian Engineering collage guys is that, this movie will be based on the story plot written by Chetan Bhagat's well famed book Five Point Someone. The story plot came in limelight when the Director Raj Kumar Hirani bought the copyrights for the movie production from Chetan Bhagat (Novel Writer)

Raju Irani(Script Writer) declared that the situation and ending may disappoint the folks who will be looking this movie as exact picturaisation as of the novel. Interestingly, the characters characteristics in movie is retained as narrated in the novel . Moreover, Irani claims to  introduce possibly better and creative idea in this movie.
This month in  the music launch conference . Aamir khan promoted his first song of the movie title " All izz well". Chetan Bhagat on the other hand had officially posted here that 3 Idiots  is officially inspired by his novel Five Point some one. 

The song "All izz well" sounds interesting and supported by erratic student life in the collage who are tensed during their very first semester may be because of course frustration and raging issue. The character played funny  moves and great piece of picutraisation of hostel life , shooting from bathroom to lobby.

Being a great fan of Chetan Bhagat, I have been keenly looking for the movie  and his third novel the Two-States to be available in United States.

PS: Chetan Bhagat   Google News


Bollywood Stars Blogging and Twitting !!

Fever of blogs has reached to the footsteps of Bollywood. Stars are now blogging to express their views with the mass.Recently, Aamir Khan mentioned the music launch of  his upcoming movie Three-Idiots (based on Chetan Bhagat's novel "Five Point Someone").

 Amitabh Bacchan writes his blog post on every other day at Other stars like Salman Khan, Shekhar Kapoor, Pritish Nandi, Mahesh Bhatt, Liza Ray, Gul Panag, Suchitra KrishnaMoorty and other director's & actors are expressing them selfs through their web lair.Amazingly, not just blog had influenced the Bollywood. : a website to stay informed with the people by simply answering "What are you currently doing" is used more than blog.

I am enlisting the names of celebrity who tweets every day, If you have twitter account just login and start following your favorite celebrity.Furthermore, not just celebrity many other well known personality are blogging and twitting everyday. India's first and only professional blogger (Amit Agarwal - IIT Roorkee Graduate) who earn huge amount through his well known blog

Interested reader can read the Bollywood Celebrities Blog here :                                                       

Many Indian Writer, Student, Player photographer are blogging read this post "INDIA BLOGS  by Digital Inspiration to know more

Titanic 2 | Blogoware

Many rumors were in market about the release of second part of the Titanic named Titanic-2 "Jack is Back". In the year 2006, I posted the same picture on my wordpress blog describing details about this movie. I am writing this post clarify the doubts and rumors persisting in the market. Three years back, I received a link of compiled video made by Robert Blankenheim about the remake of movie Titanic. Looking at the video, I was excited  and thought of sharing it with my friends on my blog. The video is complied in an artistic fashion by joining the clips of different movies. Interestingly, many readers were convinced and believed on the rumor.

Funny but interesting and convincing in video. As video do not give you enough time to think. Though it was sad story yet complied in beautiful fashion. From various resources, I got enough proof that no such movie is made or is in under construction. Even Titanic-3 trailer is available in market. Though, it has been 3 years from the launch of video but strangely the rumors are alive.

Vote if you appericiate : Titanic Remake - Yes or No