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Buy Cheap Space at Amazon : Your Internet HardDisk | Blogoware more need of carrying data in flash drive or portable hard disk. Cloud computing concept can be used to keep your data alive and ubiquitous. Now you can use internet as your data-drive and retrieve files from it, like we do in our personal compute. Amazon, had introduced Simple Storage Services(S3) which  provides low cost web-storage for file management, data backup on web-space. In other words, it is an internet hard-disk  for easy to store and retrieve data  files  with dirt cheap value . The cost is as low as 1 dollar for 2GB of space/Month (Rs 50 for 2GB of space available for 1 month).

Amazon WebService offer a calculator, to calculate cost/month for buying space (data plan). 

You can keep you data backup of all your folders, music collections or can use S3 folders for file hosting of your website. Read complete tutorial "How to use-Amazon S3" by Amit Agarwal  to understand functionings. Firefox user can install an addon Amazon S3 Firefox Organizer(S3Fox) 0.4.8  to easy drag and drop transfer from local hard-drive to cloud-drive. 

Interestingly, for advance users and developers, Amazon provide  services like Amazon DB for creating, indexing and querying for database stored in cloud. Amazon Relational Database Services is very cost effective and powerful service for developers and organization. Complete list of services can be read here. The " How to "guide for cloud service is available here.

Image Credit : Fahad
Tutorials Credit : Amit Agarwal
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