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Google Chrome Operating System Source Code is Released | Blogoware

Today, at Mountain View California , at Chrome OS event. Google Officially opened Chrome Operating System project and unveiled the Google Chrome-Operating system. The Washington Post  and TechCrunch is giving live stream of the event from GooglePlex, CA.


Google had opened the code for Chrome OS few hours before and declared that Chrome OS is not launched today and not even the beta is ready for the users . Google declared that Chrome OS will be light blazing fast and bootup time is reduced to 7 seconds all the data would be in cloud. Read Washington Post  and TechCrunch for more updates.The Google Chrome Operating System, is the most talked about and the most anticipated product of the year and hence many  hopes and promises are expected from Chrome OS. It would be interesting to know, how Google will deal challenges and meet the promises made so far.

                                                                            (First official View of the Chrome OS)

With the official declaration, Sundar Pichai (IIT Bombay Graduate & VP-marketing at Google) indirectly pointed to Microsoft and quoted that the operating system designed in 90's are intent for desktop, while Chrome-OS is designed for new generation, the generation of internet, he clarifies that Chrome-OS will be their own of way of defining the operating system like Microsoft did with Windows in 90's. Microsoft on the other hand, declared themselves ready for the operating system war.

Critiques and technical reporters are writing the prospects and features that Google Chrome Operating System may offer. TechCrunch well known technical blog reports possible interface of Chrome OS and unofficial declaration for  launch of Chrome OS. TechCrunch even states that Chrome OS will be nuclear bomb on Microsoft Windows.

Interested reader, get Chrome OS Code here , User Experience Details  here and Documentation here and complete news official declaration here.

Let us wait for few hours and I'll be sharing the most updated pics and features with the readers .

PS : TechCrunch, Google Official Blog


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