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Hans Rosling : Data is No More Boring | BLOGOWARE
Hans Rosling, a doctor and researcher, well famed speaker invited at
TED to speak about how Asia is changing. In the conference, Rosling talked about the statics of social and economic rise in Asia in last 20 years. But the question comes pops in mind, Why should I listen to a statistician who play with boring statistics and data analysis ? But trust me, his presentation will  leave you agape.

During the presentation, the most interesting fact is the way Rosling had presented data. Rosling statement is based on solid background of statistics but interestingly he claim his assertion through his visualusation software called GapMinder.

The software Rosling used in his presentation visualize stunning data  and bind you till the end.  The inquisitive approach of presenting data through bubbles hovering around axis (x-y) in the real time make data analysis quite funny & interesting to watch. Topics like social effect, economic rise and fall, cause of poverty and population etc all  in one word are always : boring.

But with Rosling and his visualization software, the data sings, GapMinder project data so nicely that, simple looking at analysis, you will fall in love with data. The moving bubbles and flowing curves used in GapMinder  makes the global treands clear, intuitive and even playful. Furthermore, explanation of data analysis during presentation by Mr.Rosling supported by enticing animation manifesting, how the world is changing and how we moved to a complete new world from the old age is unparalleled.

Rosling, his daughter and his son-in-law together had developed the GapMinder visualization software, available free of cost. GapMinder is now bought by Google. At person, Rosling claimed to have vast experience in data analysis and had intensively researched on economic, cultural and social growth in world . Rosling , have been exposed to rural areas of Asia including India, Africa, Japan and other places during his career.

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