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Speed up Torrent Download | Blogoware
Torrent is the most popular mode of file sharing. Torrent are extremely useful tool for downloading and uploading the data. Many popular sites are offering free torrents to download  but most of  us complain about the download speed. Interestingly,  a common internet user do not care about the seeds and leechers while downloading the stuffs. If proper care taken while selecting healthy torrents, we can download with greater speed than ever.

Many websites are offering torrents to download, but only few of those offer healthy torrents Remember, the more number of people sharing the file, the healthier torrent will be. I am sharing few good websites that can be used to download the best available torrent on internet.

Kick-ass Torrent : Kick-ass Torrent is gaining high popularity and one of the fastest growing torrent website available on internet. At Kick-ass you can find quite healthier and most updated torrent for any file you search for. The Kick-ass torrent website offer suggestion (Spell Corrections) which make it easier to find the correct file. Not only suggestion but also another interesting feature called HTTP Torrent make this website unique.
Http Torrent do not require Bit-Torrent or U-Torrent software in your computer but, you can download the torrents files as simple as downloading any file through browser using Http protocol. No doubts the exceptional clean look gives you wonderful feeling while using this website. The music files can be played directly through Kick-ass website. BTJunkie is the worlds most famous torrent website and most update torrent offering website on earth. BTjunkie offer simple and very healthy torrents. Through BTJunkie do not have screen licking features like Kick-Ass provides yet BTJukie is worth giving a try. BTJukie is updated every miniute and if you are torrent-freak or love to download the stuffs from internet. I prefer you to download it from BTJunkie the most reliable and oldest player on web.

There are many other websites offering torrents but I don't want to mention every other websites here. I find these two website a complete solution to fulfill most of the needs yet my other three choices after these two wonder sites are  Torrentz , PirateBay and Mininova.


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