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3 Idiots - Partially Inspired by Chetan Bhagat's Novel

Aamir khan's most anticipated movie of the year 3-Idiots is on its way to the launch on December-25. The good news for Indian Engineering collage guys is that, this movie will be based on the story plot written by Chetan Bhagat's well famed book Five Point Someone. The story plot came in limelight when the Director Raj Kumar Hirani bought the copyrights for the movie production from Chetan Bhagat (Novel Writer)

Raju Irani(Script Writer) declared that the situation and ending may disappoint the folks who will be looking this movie as exact picturaisation as of the novel. Interestingly, the characters characteristics in movie is retained as narrated in the novel . Moreover, Irani claims to  introduce possibly better and creative idea in this movie.
This month in  the music launch conference . Aamir khan promoted his first song of the movie title " All izz well". Chetan Bhagat on the other hand had officially posted here that 3 Idiots  is officially inspired by his novel Five Point some one. 

The song "All izz well" sounds interesting and supported by erratic student life in the collage who are tensed during their very first semester may be because of course frustration and raging issue. The character played funny  moves and great piece of picutraisation of hostel life , shooting from bathroom to lobby.

Being a great fan of Chetan Bhagat, I have been keenly looking for the movie  and his third novel the Two-States to be available in United States.

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