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How to block Youtube Ads | Blogoware

Are you annoyed and tired of waiting long for ads embedded inside Youtube. Here is the simple solution for you.
Follow the steps to get rid of ads.

1. Install Google Chrome Browser 
2. Install Extension named Adblock 

Once installed, on top right-corner you may find the icon of adblock, click to open up the options

Once the icon is clicked, the option page will open up, just select the check-box saying block youtube ads and you are done.

Happy Blocking

Blogoware | Google Video Preview

Google launched new service called Video Preview, enabling user to preview the video quickly before watching it actually on hosting server. I got a chance a have quick review this night while searching for the video. Likewise, Bing the Google finally have to bring this feature into their search engine which was anticipated since long.

Convert Scanned Image into Word File - Google Docs

Started as experimental project in Google now available for public use. The Google Docs had introduced an outstanding feature which allows conversion of an scanned image to an editable word file.

Now an old image of any piece of paper can be dragged to Google-Doc and the Google-Doc will auto type the text into editable document, this technologies is called OCR scanning which was proposed at Google Data API blog lately.

To test this new functionality just grab a scanned image of any piece of paper around you. Drag the image file to Google-Doc and you will find the image is converted into a text file which is ready to be edited.

Happy Docing !!