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Texas State University : Celebrates Diwali | Blogoware

Diwali as the name depicts , the glory of light it had bought to Indian community of students at Texas State University. Last Saturday, India Student Association has celebrated Diwali festival on the Texas State University-San Marcos campus at Alekek Theater. The event was big success, supported by dance performance by group of Indian students and awe-inspiring delicious cuisines. The bollywood dance moves by performers left the crowd agape.
The aroma of delicious food was exotic and appealing and attracted about 500 hundred people at show. Interstingly, I found many american exploring more about indian foods and dance.

Look at   Youtube Video Officially posted on Bobcat TV.

                                                                                   description on Dewali and Indian Culture was given by Dr.Monnis Ali and Dr.Lia Davenport (South Asian Student Association - Founder). Interestingly, this year the event was officially promoted and added on Youtube Channel of Texas State University (BobCat TV)  and University Star Webpage. I personally feel proud of ISA and Indian students for making this even a grant success.

Waiting for success party [ :-)  ]

PS :  India Student Association , University Star, BobCat TV 



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