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Pranav Mistry : 6th Sence Technologist made it to TED INDIA | Blogoware

Pranav Mistry an young boy from Gujrat, India and now an MIT Graduate and co-inventor of MIT-LAB's  6th sense technology. No wonder the question pops in mind, what exactly is the 6th Sense. Pranav, in his presentation as states that all information that we gather around usually comes through the senses we have. The 5 senses given to us by nature, human made creation (Computer + Internet) gives outstanding information beyond our manual limits. Pranav had made awe-inspiring effort to merge the world information to our mundane life by turning information into wearables.                                          

Interestingly the wearable gadget is highly cost-effective and currently it cost about 300 dollars, much cheaper than 20 thousand bucks we spend for Microsoft surface. Look at the ever-remembering and astounding  video embedded here to completely know the functioning and prospects that 6th Sense offers. Pranav proudly announced to open source his project and envolve people (masses) to make the world better. He quote that, many NGO operations and private companies are approaching to hire him or buy the product. But Pranav the modern Einstein thinks for mankind rather than monetize the product or being money naziest.

At TED INDIA, Pranav had presented as inspiring demostration and was invited by president have a look at the future. I personally talked to pranav and simply had inspiration that people with simple ideas can create wonders.


PS : TED INDIA, Pranav Mistry


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