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Google Book Viewer : How to play with it.

Do you need a book viewer tool for your blog/website. With Google Book API (tool) it is easy to add your favorite book in frame for your blog. You can change few lines of code and add any available (Permitted) book at Google Book Search.

I am adding a book snipplet here for the demo.

The easiest way is to open Google book and look at option on top right corner : as seen in picture below

In some cases : if the option is not available, download this HTML file, open it in notepad and edit the highlighted fields according to your  own needs. ISBN: add ISBN of book you want to view.
height : adjust the height of frame and similarly width is to adjust width of frame.

Now with small manipulation we can make the view tool more funny and interesting. I am adding examples here with demo. For example, you can animate the book by adding auto-scroll option. See Demo and download HTML
Features like : book-dataapi-titlesearch.html   (Search for Title and live adding in frame)
                     book-interactions-controls.html  (Zoom-in & Zoom-out and other control support)
                     Animated Book - Auto-scrolling effect

All these HTML files are available at Google Book Lab API page. Look at those page to know more about control and functions. Book blogger, start embedding you favorite book.


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