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Windows 8 : Concept Design | Blogoware

Copenhagen concept design had launched the most outstanding design collection for future of Windows operating system. In the video embedded here, Copenhagen manifests the improved user-interface f or upcoming windows and offer a clean and lucid look to the future of windows base computing.

Worlds Largest Panoramic Pictures | Blogoware

360cities is famed for offering world class panoramic pictures, taken round the globe. The quality of picture with minute details  posted on the homepage of the company are impressive enough to bind the attention. Recently, Techcrunch had posted

Chrome Advertisement : The best you have ever seen | Blogoware

Internet True History by John Heilemann ~ Browser Wars / Search / Bubble / People Power (2008, 2 DVD Set, 4 Documentaries, 3 hrs)Recently, Google had launched a complete new advertisement for Chrome browser. I find the advertisement very cute and inspiring. In the ads, several tools are used to explain the features that Chrome offer. The advertisement is focused on explaining the features in artistic fashion. I think probably this could be one of the smartest ads you would have seen.

Apple Launched Multi-Touched Mouse with i-Mac | Blogoware

       Apple iMac MB950LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop(click on picture)

Apple freaked windows and google by the launch of the outstanding product Apple-iMac. The most interesting part to me was the mouse introduced by Apple. With i-Mac apple had given first in the world, very intelligent multi-touch mouse. Yes the mouse is intelligent enough to recognize the moment of finger(s) and can  performed desired operation.

Lunascape Orion 6 : New 3 Engine Browser | Blogoware

Lunascape Orion 6 is the newly released browser, officially claimed to have stable version and powered with three engines, which means three browser power. Yes the Lunascape Browser combines the speed the of chrome & safari (Made on Webkit) + stability of Firefox (made on Gecko) and Internet Explorer compatibility(Trident Power).

Extraordinary People : Lady Who Can See & Taste The Sound | Blogoware

Some find it strange, while some term her insane. Some define her as "Super Human" while science called this condition as Synaesthetes. Actually, Synaesthetes is very rare condition in neuroscience, which when happens, give extraordinary ability to a human let him to visualize  the colors that sounds produce. Yes, with every node a new color is generated  which a normal human being cannot see.

In the video embedded here, taken by Discovery channel. A lady in switzerland noticed that she can visualize a color pattern with every sounds she confronts, in her story she narrate the incident when she first noticed that during a rainfall, every drop falling on ground produce a different intensity of sound nodes and each drop has its own color associated.

Download Free Microsoft Software's | Blogoware

Great Minds at work- smartly said. Microsoft product no matter make you functionally dependent, yet the products are made in way to completely satisfy needs and requirement of organization or an indivisual.Some wonder products of Microsoft for the developer(s) like Microsoft .Net Development tool officially called Microsoft Visual Studio is the most complete and unparalled product.

Microsoft Codeplex Open Source Projects | Blogoware

Microsoft CodePlex is the clone project hosted by Microsoft on the foot steps of Google Code. The interesting features that make the CodePlex unique is the support of the add ons and features for the Microsoft products. For example like if you are SQL server learner, codeplex gives you sample database file (having good set of data) to install in SQL-Server and play.

Chrome 500 New Extension - Firefox Challanged | Blogoware

At Googleplex, google officially reveled the collection of Google Chrome Extensions and shocked the browser developer(s) round the globe. Firefox the rival browser is holding high position in market due to high customization and addon (extension) support. But FF developer are alarmed and challanged of the   great extensions found on web