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Exteraordinary People : 7 Year old Surgeon | Blogoware

The giftedness of prodigies makes everyone stunned. In India people being religious always connect prodigies as innate divine power or incarnation of God. But a mystery, a logic or a connection always encompass the child prodigies.Akrit Jaiswal, A 7 years old medical surgeon is clammed to be youngest surgeon on earth and the boy with highest IQ more than Einstein. India, had got one more child prodigy after the renowned prodigies like Tathagat Tulsi Avtar and  Divya Tej

Akrit had performed operation at the age of 7 in a remote village of a girl who was not able to afford the expenses of medical facilities. Akrit being so young performed surgery flawlessly. Akrit talent was recognized by his teachers and he was sent to Chandigarh to continue his education thereafter he received a call from Imperial Collage London to continue his research work, where he claim to propose a solution for cancer the one single solution to every cancer treatment.

The documentary embedded here shows the way he claimed to be born surgeon. The stunning confidence of the guy made me in dillema and the way he answered to medical student and made them believe that Akrit is technically more scholared than Imperial Collage Graduate students.

At ICL London., Akrit was introduced to Dr.Mustafa and his collegue Mr.Patel where Mustafa suspects that the boy misses the influence of his father, and he is used to of never being contradicted. In all, good documentary and worth watching.

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