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Rent a Movie on Youtube

To beat the competitors like Netflix, ITunes Store and others, Google stepped into the market of renting the movies online through YouTube. With the upcoming Sundance film festival, YouTube hinted the folks about the test proposal of showing and renting movies online through YouTube. 

Google challange Apple Iphone by releasing Google Nexus Google Nexus is a phone, officially released under brand name of Google. Google Nexus is acclaimed to be serious competitor of Apple i-Phone. The outstanding gadget support and all possible Google services in the phone make this phone unique. In simple words- Web Meets Phone- Google says it. But to me and the most of junta, the price of Google Nexus, attracts more than any other feature.  Yes, Google Nexus is around 550 bucks, but with T-Mobile plan the phone cost around 170 bucks, pretty cheaper than i-phone eventually. Check this Video embedded here.

India Emerging as Soft Power - Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor , UK born Indian member of parliament having a PhD from LAW school at age of 22 and designated as United Nation - Secretary General was invited in TED-India conference to share his views and experience about India. In his speech at TED, Tharoor explain the concept of india not just as super-power but as "Soft-Power".  Look at the interesting video hosted as TED Conference at TED-India, in Mysore, where he explains his outstanding visions, through his speaking eyes.