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Extraordinary People : Lady Who Can See & Taste The Sound | Blogoware

Some find it strange, while some term her insane. Some define her as "Super Human" while science called this condition as Synaesthetes. Actually, Synaesthetes is very rare condition in neuroscience, which when happens, give extraordinary ability to a human let him to visualize  the colors that sounds produce. Yes, with every node a new color is generated  which a normal human being cannot see.

In the video embedded here, taken by Discovery channel. A lady in switzerland noticed that she can visualize a color pattern with every sounds she confronts, in her story she narrate the incident when she first noticed that during a rainfall, every drop falling on ground produce a different intensity of sound nodes and each drop has its own color associated.

The ability of associating sound with color(s) give her impeccable memory. She  can taste a sound and  remember it through color the sound has produced. Neuro-Scientist in the universities are studying her mind and noticing the sensory changes in her mind while she find color patterns in her mind.

Interestingly, she makes an astounding combination of "Taste" + "Sound" +"Sight". Look at the incredible video and share with people interested.


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