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Chrome 500 New Extension - Firefox Challanged | Blogoware

At Googleplex, google officially reveled the collection of Google Chrome Extensions and shocked the browser developer(s) round the globe. Firefox the rival browser is holding high position in market due to high customization and addon (extension) support. But FF developer are alarmed and challanged of the   great extensions found on web
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Interested reader can find the gallary of outstanding extension(s) currently only available for Beta Version of Chrome. TechCrunch reports about two Googlers  Aaron Boodman and Erik Kay built a working in extension live from scratch in front of the audience in about five minutes. And it wasn’t just a demo “Hello World” extension, it was a useful one that can pop-up a Gmail message window populated with a link to the page you’re on. Now just Google Chrome Browser, I believe from the recent changes in the log of Chrome OS (Check this : The Complete Idiot's Guide to Google Chrome OS) development website it is clear that Google again will be giving heart attack to biil gates. 


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