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Firefox 4 Theme and Addons

Firefox announced the launch of Firefox-4 in the coming Fall-2010. The early reviews of the alpha and beta versions are already available in market under the name of Minefield. But Mozilla corporation still keep the secret about the future interface of Firefox - 4. According the popular news agencies, the Mozilla is planning the interface of firefox more or less similar to chrome. 

The first released picture are available here which is not available officially for public usage. Which only developers are playing with it. But interestingly,using some selective addons one can easily copy the mock up interface of Firefox- 4 and can increase the performance, look-feel and speed of Firefox.

Here I am sharing the collection of addons which complete change the user experience of Firefox.
Download these addons respectively and install them

1.  Strata40 :
2. StrataBuddy:
3. Omnibar :
4.  Tabs on Top :
5.  Download StatusBar :

Once downloaded, restart browser and now right- click with mouse  nearby stop/refresh button shown in the picture below and un-check and check the options given below exactly the same as in the image.

Now you are ready to go and enjoy the complete Firefox-4 experience.

Happy Browsing